Monday, August 3, 2009

A Confession (30 days on)

In the name of the books, the director, and the holy library.

Bless me Father for I have worked. It has been 1 month since my last day of unemployment. These are my tasks…

Collection Development: I am the library liaison for English, Communication, History and Business Administration. This means I am in communication with each of the mentioned departments discussing collection needs and accepting requests for monograph purchases. It is up to me to judge whether a suggested book is appropriate for our collection and ultimately whether it is to be purchased or not. I also get to do some purchasing when the departments don’t submit enough requests. It looks like I have a lot to learn in this area.

Reference: I am scheduled 5 hours a week at the reference desk once the semester starts. This is one of the things I am looking forward to the most. The reference desk is one of the most fun places for me. You get to interact with people and help them find the information they needed. I like helping people but and more selfishly I enjoy learning about the random things that people need help researching.

Instruction: Over the course of this semester I will be eased into Library Instruction. Luckily I am not being thrown into the fire (though I am sure I would survive). I will be teaching classes about research and how to use resources at a professor’s request for various courses offered here at the college. First I get to observe, then co-instruct, then instruct (with support) and finally set free to soar on my own. Hopefully I won’t fly too close to the sun. There haven’t been many advances in wax over the last 3000 years.

Miscellaneous : Reformatting and updating the Subject Guides on the library website. This is often tedious and sometimes entertaining. We are using Springshare’s LibGuides for our guides. I edited and updated the Information Literacy Modules on Blackboard that all incoming freshmen are required to complete. I am also on the planning committee for the Library Expo 2009, which is a fun, informational event for students to become familiar with the library and its services. As of right now I am tasked with creating a crossword puzzle using clues from the various stations or stops setup throughout the library.

I am happy for these tasks and all the tasks I cannot remember

My God, In choosing to do work
 and failing to continue to be unemployed, 
I have sinned against you and the failing economy 
whom I should love above all things.
 I firmly intend, with your help,
 to do penance, 
but work no less,
 and to avoid whatever leads me to unemployment.

‘Your un-unemployment is truly forgiven. Go in peace.’

Thanks be to Employment.


  1. Dan, thanks for letting us know what it has been like. God, I can't wait to get a job! I am happy for you though!

  2. Great post, Dan.

    When I was in college I worked in the photocopy center at the library. A lot of my job was finding stuff on microfiches and printing them out for people writing theses, so I got to find out as they went what they were writing about.

    Like the guy who had me pull every single Little Orphan Annie strip ever printed from every major newspaper. His thesis was about how that comic strip in particular reflected American fears about the economy. Yeah, funny that I still remember that.

  3. Nice one Dan. I really don't know the work that goes into being a librarian, so this was an interesting read.

  4. Sounds like a well-rounded position.. things should stay interesting. I'm glad you like what you're doing and where you're at, Dan!

  5. Doesn't it kind of look like the priest in your photo is about to kiss a hot babe in the confessional booth? Not to distract from the awesome wit of your post but there is clearly more sinning going on here than just thwarting the failing economy! ;-)

  6. Dan,
    1) Reference is my favorite task as well.
    2) We use Springshare also. I like it.
    3) I'm so jealous. You're job sounds awesome. :)

  7. Oh there is a lot more sinning going on here Rebecca you can count on it. That is ranked number one on the Catholic Church's Top Ten Sexiest Confessions. The Bill Clinton one comes in at number two. Gross.

    Yeah Annmarie's Library Diary, I dig my current job. Of course after writing this I have thought of a bunch of other things I have been doing. Perhaps a follow up to this blog. I wonder what religious practice I can exploit for that one?